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Madison, New Jersey

The Borough of Madison is a part of Morris County, which is located within the northeastern portion of New Jersey.  Madison has shown excellent signs of growth throughout the past decade. Believe it or not, the local population has expanded by almost 5% since 2010. Each year, many professionals and growing families relocate to this highly touted community. Many small businesses call Madison home and are dedicated to contributing to the community.

Anxiety Institute has recently established an office in this community. Children of residents are often affected by anxiety, stress, OCD and social anxiety. It’s said that roughly 18% of Americans deal with anxiety each year. The team at  Anxiety Institute is always standing by to assist anxiety and OCD sufferers throughout the region. We are experienced in the treatment of many stress-related disorders in adolescents. The adolescent years are tricky to navigate on their own, let alone the addition of anxiety-based disorders. It is important that teens have a support system as they navigate through treatment options.

Contact one of our certified representatives to begin the treatment process. Our team is equipped to test anxiety in our patients, as well as patiently deliver anxiety, OCD treatment, trauma therapy and more. We approach every client with a compassionate approach that is tailored specifically for them. If you're interested in setting up an appointment, please reach out today.