Anja Mubuuke, M.S.W.

Staff Clinician

B.A., Psychology, Columbia University

After completing a B.A. in Psychology at Columbia University, Anja combined her passion for exercise, physical conditioning and psychology by working with diverse clients in youth sports, personal training and physical therapy. Through these experiences, Anja witnessed the powerful and positive impact on her clients of providing dedicated time and personal attention and working together toward their goals. As YMCA’s Director of Wellness and Healthy Living, she developed wellness programming for members. Anja also completed a year-long internship at McKinsey & Company where she helped design and facilitate a stress management workshop for the company’s consultants. Prior to her work at Anxiety Institute, Anja worked in a residential setting advocating for clients with varied and multiple disorders including borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety.  She is now dedicated to expanding her expertise at a clinical practitioner level for a more holistic approach for total wellbeing. Anja is currently pursuing her Master's in Social Work at Columbia University.

A Division 1 collegiate athlete and world champion qualifier for IronMan, Anja understands the relationship between psychological and physical health, and the impact on thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Her Inspiration:

An elite athlete, Anja is no stranger to anxiety and perfectionism getting in the way of her goals. Anja’s journey has inspired her to become a therapeutic partner, working with clients to build a sense of empowerment to pursue life to the fullest.

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