Blaise Amendolace, Psy.D.

Clinical Director

B.S., Florida State University // M.S., Florida Institute of Technology // Psy.D., Florida Institute of Technology

Dr. Blaise Amendolace joins Anxiety Institute with over 15 years of experience serving in the roles of Clinical Director, Assessment Coordinator, and Training Coordinator, with expertise in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a highly specialized subcategory of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. As a licensed psychologist, he worked in both clinical and directorial capacities in college mental health clinics serving up to 30,000 students. With this diverse background, Blaise is able to oversee the entire therapeutic process, including conducting intake assessments, determining the type of therapy best suited for each client, implementing and supervising customized treatment plans, and utilizing scientifically based measurements to evaluate progress.

Blaise simultaneously boasts a distinguished academic career, with multiple publication credits. His teaching and mentoring experience encompass a range of topics, such as managing group therapy, individualized modalities, and clinical supervision. His ability to teach and supervise effectively contributes immensely to the enhancement of skills of all Anxiety Institute clinicians.

His Inspiration:

My inspiration stems from a deep gratitude of having an innate ability to establish an environment of trust where young people feel open to discuss their inner thoughts. I am fascinated with the process of showing teens and young adults that, once their most fearful thoughts are out in the open, there is a path to living a meaningful life.

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