Christina Gabriel

Senior Office Manager

Christina Gabriel arrives at Anxiety Institute as a multifaceted solutions-based office manager, overseeing daily operations and workflow. Having spent more than half her career in medical and counseling offices, Christina leverages her skills in organization, problem-solving, and communications to maintain operational excellence. Also, from having worked in medical environments, Christina has expertise at maintaining secure database records meeting federal guidelines and ensuring every client’s privacy.

Christina has spent 12 years working with universities in their counseling departments, ensuring their accreditation processes. Working directly for the Dean’s office, Christina used her keen interpersonal skills to gather information and cooperation across departments for reporting and compliance. As efficient and effective as Christina is, she is always known by clients for her warm, cheerful demeanor as she welcomes them to the office.

Her Inspiration:

When I first worked in a counseling environment at a university, I saw how student lives were being transformed. Young adults whose lives were stalling suddenly bloomed after receiving the support they needed. They went on to graduate and have successful careers. I knew then that I wanted to put all my skills into making that process happen over and over again.