Dina Nunziato, Ph.D.

Clinical Director

Ph.D. University of Buffalo, B.A. / University of Virginia / M.S.W., New York University

Dina has spent nearly two decades working with young adults in various clinical and educational settings. Prior to joining the Anxiety Institute, Dina was the Director of Counseling & Psychological Services at Sarah Lawrence College (SLC) from 2009-2020 supervising a team of mental and medical health providers. While at SLC, Dina designed and implemented a highly successful student self-care program, facilitating student resilience and anxiety management through a mind-body approach to wellness.  Dina also spearheaded faculty, staff, and parent trainings designed to support healthy conversations around mental health issues.  For more than a decade, Dina served as an adjunct professor at Integrated Clinical Practice New York University’s Graduate School of Social Work.

Dina specializes in cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety and related disorders. Her research and publications include the use of evidenced-based mindfulness techniques to support anxiety management, academic success, and emotional wellbeing. She recently completed a doctoral dissertation on this topic entitled Embodied Learning Communities of Practice in Addressing College Student Anxiety.

Her Inspiration:

Dina knows first-hand the insidious nature of anxiety, particularly as it impacts adolescents and young adults who are transitioning to adulthood. She is inspired every day by her clients who do the hard work of understanding, confronting, and learning to manage their symptoms in order to live a full and engaged life.