Jennifer Pimentel, L.S.W.

Clinical Coordinator/Exposure Coach

B.A. Montclair State University | M.S.W. Fordham University

Jennifer’s foundation in mental health counseling began during her undergraduate studies at Montclair State University after which she earned her MSW from Fordham University.  Over the past 6 years, Jennifer has cultivated her skills and knowledge by providing counseling and social services to youth, adolescents, and their families within schools, group homes, in-home, and more recently, in a hospital as a Medical Social worker. These various settings have afforded Jennifer the opportunity to learn all aspects of providing quality clinical support and social services. Jennifer also has 5 years of experience providing administrative support in the field of psychiatry. With these wide-ranging clinical and medical administrative experiences, Jennifer understands the importance of providing well rounded care, quality service and operational excellence for the clients she serves.

Jennifer is an advocate for helping people obtain access to quality mental health care regardless of social and economic status.

Her Inspiration:

Jennifer knows how devastating it can be to have a family member struggle with mental health challenges; as a young college student, she had to advocate and find quality treatment for her sibling. This experience and her own bouts with anxiety and depression make Jennifer passionate about helping others obtain the education and treatment they need to move forward with their lives.