Katherine Bowden, L.S.W.

Staff Clinician

B.S.W. Rutgers University // M.S.W. Rutgers University

Katherine (Katie) earned her Bachelor of Arts and Master’s in social work from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Katie has seven years of experience counseling children, adolescents, families and adults with mental health disorders, life-changing diagnoses, and trauma. Most recently, Katie worked at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in the Adolescent, Pediatric Intensive Care, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology units. In these positions, she helped families navigate their clinical and medical options and select outpatient services appropriate for their child’s needs. Katie was awarded the “Pediatric Social Worker of the Year” by the Pediatric Department at Rutger’s Medical School. Katie also worked in a Psychiatric Day Program serving clients with complex mental health disorders providing cognitive-behavioral therapy and psycho-educational support to assist clients resume their lives.

Her Inspiration:

As an adolescent with anxiety, I avoided new or difficult situations. My journey to overcome these limitations inspired me to become a social worker - to help others push through the barriers of anxiety and live without the debilitating constraints of fear and doubt.