Leigh Richards, M.A.

Mental Health Counseling Intern

B.A., Boston University // M.A., Columbia University // Candidate for M.S., Pace University

Ms. Leigh Richards joins the Anxiety Institute from a career that spans a wide range of experience, including product management, organizational design, and executive coaching. She is certified as an Executive Coach from Columbia University. In 2020, she decided to fulfill her ambition to become a counselor and began the Masters of Mental Health Counseling program at Pace. Leigh’s prior work in organizational psychology and executive coaching aligns with Anxiety Institute’s therapeutic model in multiple ways, including actively listening to clients, focusing on client strengths and resources, promoting a mindset where change is possible and enabling processes to achieve these outcomes.

After working with executives and other highly successful individuals with anxiety disorders, Leigh developed a passion for working with smart, highly capable individuals who are held back by anxiety that interferes with their ambitions and lives. When working with families, she is committed to restoring a healthy family dynamic that allows everyone to reach their full potential.

Her Inspiration:

I know first-hand the sweeping effects of anxiety on a person and a family. My own experiences allow me to connect deeply with my clients and client families. I understand the insidious ways that anxiety touches everyone in the family and am inspired by the uniqueness and potential of each client. I am energized as families grow and gain back control of their lives.

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