Max Bergner, B.A.

Exposure Coach

B.A. Psychological and Brain Sciences, Washington University in St. Louis

Max received his bachelor’s degree in Psychological and Brain Sciences from Washington University, where he conducted several research projects on the etiology and treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD). In addition, Max has researched the neurological correlates of OCD, with a specific interest in the structural and functional alterations observed in MRI studies. Max has experience working with children in various settings who have a broad range of behavioral and educational needs. Before working at the Anxiety Institute, Max tutored children with developmental delays, learning disabilities, and behavioral challenges. Over the course of his life, Max has been a staunch advocate of empirically supported CBT interventions, and the benefits of combining cognitive reappraisal and mindfulness techniques.

An avid long-distance runner, Max has a keen interest in sports analytics and youth coaching, specifically the relationship between psychological health, team cohesion, and athletic performance. Max plans to pursue an advanced clinical degree and serve adolescents and families struggling with anxiety, OCD, and other mental health challenges.

His Inspiration:

As someone who has participated in exposure therapy himself, Max’s personal experience brings an abundance of empathy and authenticity to his coaching relationship. He described his coaching role to support a teenager’s treatment of anxiety as “my fuel to energize and inspire my client’s commitment to recovery”.