Seagda Coyle, B.A.

Exposure Coach

B.A. Psychology, SUNY Purchase University

Seagda received his BA in Psychology from SUNY Purchase with a heavy focus on research and academic writing on area of study spanning the disciplines of Neuropsychology, Child & Adolescent Developmental, and Psychopathology. Combining his passions for music and study of human behavior, Seagda’s senior thesis examined the relationship between pitch height in music and emotional and verbal language. Prior to joining Anxiety Institute, Seagda worked with children with language development delays, learning disabilities, and emotional and behavioral challenges, and has 10 years of experience teaching music to both children and adults as instructor and manager at Woodlawn House of Music and Arts. Seagda plans on pursuing a master’s in social work or doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

His Inspiration:

I cannot tell you where my drive to help others comes from, but I just know I am meant to do this. Whether serving as coach of behavior, organization, or commitment, there are few things in life more inspiring as seeing treatment change a life, or more gratifying than, “we found our way out of the darkness together.”