The Art & Science of Anxiety Treatment

Our approach merges the strengths of two different disciplines to
provide the best outcomes possible.

The Artistic Side
of Recovery

Like art, our treatment is fueled by a creative, imaginative, and personal approach. Each factor is critical when engaging with the developing brain of adolescents and young adults.

Here’s why:

If a genuine personal relationship doesn’t exist between client and therapist, recovery of any type is difficult. Our clinicians set out to build great chemistry through a conscientious mix of empathy, honesty and emotional presence with the client at all times.

Successful recovery is tied to the client’s perception that they can truly control their anxiety – versus having it dictate their life. Our process builds positive self-assurance with inventive strategies that directly confront and recreate fears, while keeping the client safe and emotionally secure.

Shared Experience
A personal bond with peers who face the same struggle is incredibly valuable. Our clients benefit from a meaningful connection with other anxiety sufferers, which encourages honesty, sharing and resets the definition of normalcy in a positive way.

The Scientific Side
of Recovery

Many parents and clients don’t realize successful anxiety treatment is backed by a highly scientific approach.  This is likely because general talk therapy – which on its own is less quantifiable – has long been accepted as “the” modality of choice.

Here’s how we harness the power of science in our comprehensive services and programs:

Show genuine progress using proven, quantitative and evidence-based approaches that track recovery progress over time.

Remove subjectivity from the evaluation of progress. This eliminates bias that could stall or distract a client’s treatment team from taking the most efficient path to recovery.

Ensure advanced treatment with appropriate technology and the newest proven recovery protocols. Continuously evolving and refining anxiety treatment is critical to our entire staff.

How Art & Science
Come Together

A Unique Combination
Our unique combination of progressive exposure therapy supported by advanced treatmens is custom-tailored for each client to deliver enduring recovery.

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Our Treatment Outcomes