Treatment for All Stages of Recovery

From managing acute anxiety in teens to building long-term life skills, our programs are
shaped by evidence-based protocols and feedback from successful clients.

1:1 Therapy & Training

Compassionate and focused one-on-one sessions with a personally assigned anxiety specialist.

Our clinicians use proven cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and other approaches to treat anxiety, which can be complex and affected by other co-occurring symptoms. Depending on individual needs, treatment is supported by advanced technologies such as bio-feedback, virtual reality, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, which is particularly effective for trauma recovery.

Available for on-site or remote clients.

Program Includes:

  • Assessment and treatment planning
  • Intensive 1:1 therapy with an anxiety specialist
  • Recovery tracking, a quantitative measure of progress over time

Intensive Day Program

Designed for those struggling with moderate to severe anxiety, this outpatient program provides comprehensive, continuous care for expedited and enduring recovery.

Clients in our Intensive Outplacement Day Program typically have not progressed with weekly therapy on its own. Withdrawal from family, friends, school and favorite activities are common, as well as excessive technology use (social media, gaming) as an unhealthy coping strategy. Our concentrated program occurs Monday through Friday, over a 4-12 week time frame, depending on severity of symptoms. Each day consists of four hours of therapy, education, and exposure work.

Available for on-site clients. We’re happy to help find lodging when needed. Feel free to ask us for help!

Program Includes:

  • Individual and group sessions, including cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), plus humanistic and psychodynamic therapy
  • Parent support, education, and family therapy
  • Supportive advanced treatments including virtual reality, bio feedback, and EMDR
  • Education on thought patterns and the physiology associated with anxiety
  • Recovery tracking, a quantitative measure of progress over time
  • Help to manage fitness, recreation, and technology consumption
  • Yoga and meditation

Remote Coaching

From reducing acute stress to supporting recovery homework, Remote Coaching increases treatment effectiveness with real-time communication.

This unique program allows clients to be coached through their anxiety response with reassurance and real-time skills that help start treatment, maintain recovery and prevent relapse. It also provides much-needed relief to parents who often take on a “first-responder” role with their child. Remote Coaching can be used as a stand-alone service, or added to any of our other programs to help increase treatment effectiveness and boost client confidence as they confront anxiety in the real world.

Available for on-site or remote clients.

Program Includes:

  • Real-time access – for clients and parents – to an anxiety management coach through phone, video conference and text
  • Weekly parent consultation

Continuing Recovery

A highly effective option for clients returning from a residential program or needing support beyond 1:1 therapy.

These services work in concert to reinforce anxiety management skills, illuminate activities/times of day that are most difficult, provide a safe place to talk about challenges, and share triumphs in conquering anxiety.

Available for on-site clients.

Program Includes:

  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Weekly support group
  • Recovery tracking, a quantitative measure of progress over time
  • Monthly parent consultation