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The OCD Stories

Host: Stuart Ralph
November 8, 2022

Podcast created by Stuart Ralph to help dispel misrepresentations and mistruths about OCD. Highlights real stories by real people who have OCD and their journey towards recovery. Also features interviews…


Just Roll with It: (A Graphic Novel)

Veronica Agarwal

Starting middle school is hard enough when you don’t know anyone; it’s even harder when you’re shy. A contemporary middle-grade graphic novel for fans of Guts and Real Friends about how dealing with anxiety and OCD can affect everyday life.

Graphic novel about a middle school girl struggling with OCD and anxiety. Engaging, fun, and poignant look into OCD and how it can impact someone’s life. Great read for pre-teens and their parents who want a way to connect with their child and what they are experiencing.

Kristin Kim-Martin, MEd, PhD
Staff Clinician

The ACT Workbook For Teens With OCD

Zurita Ona

The ACT Workbook for Teens With OCD is a valuable tool for adolescents and young adults learning how to overcome OCD related compulsions and avoidant behaviors. An activitybased workbook, it teaches adolescents that there is a moment of choice – even when they feel there isn’t – where they can choose how to respond to their obsessions. Based on proven methods such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Exposure and Response Therapy (ERP), adolescents uncover the necessary skills to cope with their behaviors, instead of feeling defeated by them. Easy and understandable, activities include identifying priorities and empowering teens to embark on solutions independently.


Manage Your Stress: 11 Tips for Managing Stress

By Claire Chalfen
on .

College is a time of significant transition and discovery. This can be fun and exciting, but also stressful. Whether you’re completing an online or on-campus program, devoting your time and…

General Anxiety Trauma and Stress


Gain an in-depth understanding of anxiety and related disorders.

This glossary includes the names and definitions for anxiety and related disorders, including nature of each disorder, experience, impact, treatment, and resources.

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