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Finally, a specialized program that works for youth and families in Great Falls, Virginia. While most anxiety treatment programs are one-size-fits-all, we focus solely on treating clients who struggle with moderate to severe OCD, anxiety, and anxiety related disorders. Anxiety Institute serves clients with comprehensive, compassionate and intensive anxiety treatment for adolescents and young adults.

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Anxiety Institute

6862 Elm Street, Suite 620
McLean, VA 22101

Approximately 20 min (13.4 miles) via I-495 W from Washington, DC

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About Anxiety Institute

Conveniently located minutes from Tysons Corner with easy access to Chain Bridge Road, Dolley Madison Boulevard, and Route 495, our office at 6862 Elm St. hosts convenient parking and proximity to local amenities and retail locations.

Our Programs

Intensive Day Program
Transformative Care for Teens & Young Adults suffering from OCD, anxiety, or anxiety-related disorders.

Our specialized day program combines CBT-focused individual sessions with hands-on applied behavioral therapy. Join peers in group sessions to gain insights and experience wellness through yoga, music, and art. We believe in family healing, offering parents the tools and knowledge to support their child’s journey.

Our concentrated intensive outpatient program occurs Monday through Friday, over a 6-12 week time frame, depending on severity of symptoms. Each day consists of four hours of targeted individual and group work.

Individual Therapy
Welcome to a therapeutic experience uniquely designed for clients suffering with OCD, anxiety and anxiety-related disorders.

Individualized therapy sessions focus on anxiety and OCD management utilizing a blend of tried-and-true techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) along with cutting-edge advancements in virtual reality and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

Parent Coaching Services
Anxiety Institute offers a transformative coaching service that equips parents to turn their child’s anxiety into resilience and self-efficacy.

Instead of just accommodating anxiety, you’ll be trained to apply actionable strategies that break cycles of avoidance, leading to better family dynamics. Our methods are rooted in Yale Child Study Center’s SPACE model, adapted to address your family’s particular challenges.

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Staff Highlight

Caitlin Haskett, LCSW
Staff Clinician

McLean, VA

Caitlin Haskett comes to Anxiety Institute with broad clinical experience working with people with eating disorders, autism spectrum disorders, trauma-related disorders, and anxiety disorders in intensive treatment programs. Caitlin specializes in second and third-wave Cognitive Behavioral Therapies with an emphasis on exposure-based techniques. As part of the LGBTQIA+ community, Caitlin has an affinity for working with LGBTQIA+ adolescents and young adults. Additionally, in 2020, Caitlin received the L. Diane Bernard Award for LGBT and Human Sexuality Projects while completing graduate studies at Bryn Mawr College School for Social Work and Social research.

From the Team in McLean, VA...

“We spent a lot of time with our child’s therapist, but we also met a lot of the other therapists here. And, every one of them, while different styles, had the same warmth and the same caring attitude about really understanding how to help our daughter do better. And it was such a nice feeling to see people who really cared, as opposed to just doing a job.”

A Parent of an Anxiety Institute Teen

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About Great Falls, VA

Great Falls, VA

Great Falls, VA is an affluent and scenic enclave nestled in Fairfax County, roughly 20 miles northwest of Washington, D.C. It is celebrated for its luxurious estates, verdant landscapes, and the spectacular Great Falls of the Potomac River. The community enjoys a quaint village center that features fine dining, unique shopping experiences, and the cherished Old Brogue Irish Pub. With a strong emphasis on educational excellence, Great Falls is served by top-tier public schools known for their academic rigor and is within a short drive to prestigious universities like Georgetown and George Washington University.

The populace of Great Falls is predominantly composed of professionals with ties to the capital, families drawn by the school system’s reputation, and long-term residents who appreciate the area’s tranquil character. The town is committed to the well-being of its citizens, fostering initiatives to preserve natural spaces and ensuring a high quality of life through community services and active civic associations.

Community engagement is palpable, with regular social events, from seasonal festivals to farmers’ markets, enhancing the sense of small-town camaraderie. Great Falls also places a premium on the wellness of its inhabitants, advocating for mental health awareness and providing support networks that benefit all generations within this tight-knit community.