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By anxietyinstitute | March 26, 2020

A Letter from Our Founders

Anxiety Institute is thinking about our entire community including our clients, families, alumni, and colleagues as we monitor the rapidly evolving global impact of Covid-19.

To serve the community, which is increasingly in need of vital emotional support, effective Monday March 23d, we have moved to a comprehensive teletherapy service. The intensive day treatment program and other clinical services will be delivered remotely direct to our clients via Zoom, a HIPAA compliant platform.

Studies show remote therapy works.

It can be as effective as face-to-face treatments and lead to sustained improvements.

New Services

To serve the overwhelming demand for remote therapy and to help the community remain connected during these trying times, we’ve launched some new services:

Remote Individual Therapy and Coaching Sessions

  • all ages
  • phone or video conference
  • daily or weekly, with text support as needed

Remote Parent Therapy Sessions

  • phone or video conference
  • daily or weekly, with text support as needed

Online Support Groups 

  • age appropriate
  • generalized anxiety, social anxiety and panic disorder, OCD, depression
  • rolling admissions

Outdoor Therapeutic Program

  • community and shared experience outdoors
  • as permitted by government guidelines – abiding by CDC social distancing guidelines
  • process groups, wellness/physical activities, and exposure exercises
  • rolling admissions

Due to the high demand, former and current clients have priority in scheduling these services.

Reach out.

To inquire about our support services, call (203) 489-0888.

We thank you for your continued support as we manage through these unprecedented circumstances. We hope you and your loved ones remain healthy during the upcoming weeks.

Warm Regards,
Dr. Dan Villiers & Linda Geiger

Meditation: Rumination

By Sarah Pauker
on .

VIDEO: This 10-minute meditation was prepared by Anxiety Institute particularly for adolescents and young adults to help them develop mindfulness techniques that cultivate awareness of their thoughts and emotions.

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