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For Darien, CT families, Anxiety Institute supports families by offering individual anxiety treatment and a specialized Intensive Outpatient Program to treat ages 13-25. Our professional clinicians customize treatment plans to each client specifically, allowing them to face and overcome anxiety.

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About Anxiety Institute

Conveniently located off of I-95 and Putnam Avenue, our office at 75 Holly Hill Lane hosts convenient parking and proximity to retail locations including downtown Greenwich.

Our Programs

Intensive Day Program
Designed for adolescents and young adults between the ages of 13 and 25 struggling with moderate to severe anxiety or OCD, this outpatient program provides comprehensive, continuous care for expedited and enduring recovery.

Clients in our Intensive Day Program typically have not progressed with weekly therapy on its own. Withdrawal from family, friends, school and favorite activities are common, as well as excessive technology use (social media, gaming) as an unhealthy coping strategy. Our concentrated intensive outpatient program occurs Monday through Friday, over a 6-12 week time frame, depending on severity of symptoms. Each day consists of four hours of targeted individual and group work.

Individual Therapy
Our compassionate clinicians provide individualized therapy sessions to address anxiety and OCD symptoms.

Utilizing proven methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we customize treatment plans supplemented by innovative technologies like bio-feedback, virtual reality, EMDR therapy, and Cognitive Processing therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment strategy.

Parent Coaching Services
Empowering parents to help their anxious child develop resilience, independence, and competence.

Solution-based Coaching Services for parents of children with anxiety. Parents and caregivers will learn to shift their approach from accommodating their child’s anxiety to parenting using constructive strategies and effective support techniques. Parents master skills to break the cycle of accommodation and avoidance, improve family dynamics, and foster a more independent, resilient child. Informed by evidence-based practices of the SPACE* treatment model from The Yale Child Study Center, the program is customized for your family’s specific needs.

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Staff Highlight

Dina Nunziato, PhD
Chief Clinical Officer

Greenwich, CT

Dr. Dina Nunziato has spent nearly two decades working with young adults in anxiety-related clinical and educational settings.

Prior to joining the Anxiety Institute, Dina was the Director of Counseling & Psychological Services at Sarah Lawrence College (SLC) from 2009-2020 supervising a team of mental health and medical health providers. While at SLC, Dina designed and implemented a highly successful student self-care program, facilitating student resilience and anxiety management through a mind-body approach to wellness. Dina also spearheaded faculty, staff, and parent training designed to support healthy conversations around mental health issues. For more than a decade, Dina served as an adjunct professor at Integrated Clinical Practice New York University’s Graduate School of Social Work.

Dina specializes in cognitive behavioral treatment of anxiety and related disorders. Her research and publications include the use of evidenced-based mindfulness techniques to support anxiety management, academic success, and emotional well-being. She recently completed a doctoral dissertation entitled Embodied Learning Communities of Practice in Addressing College Student Anxiety.

From the Team in Greenwich, CT...

“My personal knowledge and experience of anxiety and fear, as a victim and as a conqueror, has gifted me the valuable asset of emotional intelligence. Knowledge and experience that will give me the empathy to connect with others and the grit to overcome adversity.”

Dan Villiers

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About Darien, CT

Darien, CT

Darian, CT is a town situated on the Gold Coast of Connecticut, roughly 37 miles northeast of New York City. It is renowned for its prosperous neighborhoods, upscale shopping areas like Noroton Heights, and an array of cultural landmarks, such as the Darien Historical Society. The town boasts a collection of esteemed public and private schools and is nearby institutions of higher learning, like the University of Connecticut Stamford branch, solidifying its reputation as an educational cornerstone in the region. Darien is blessed with scenic splendor, providing locals and tourists alike with picturesque beaches, parks, and recreational areas.

The town has a varied demographic, yet there’s a predominant affluent undertone, attracting a substantial number of well-settled families and individuals who appreciate its esteemed educational institutions and quality living standards. The population reflects a blend of ages, but there’s a prominent composition of established families and professionals.

Darian is deeply rooted in community and familial values, presenting a plethora of activities and services tailored for families. As a result, the community actively promotes conversations around mental well-being, ensuring available resources for challenges like stress, anxiety, and other related issues.

Darien, CT Statistics:


Population under 18: 



2 Public Schools