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Individual Therapy

Compassionate and focused therapy sessions with a highly skilled and experienced anxiety specialist.  Clinicians develop authentic and meaningful connections with each client, applying our uniquely progressive and comprehensive range of evidenced-based treatment methods. Our clinicians use proven cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) and other approaches to treat anxiety, which can be complex and affected by other co-occurring symptoms.

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Group Therapy

Offered throughout the year, group sessions are focused on cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) skills and providing strategies for relaxation, mindfulness, and exposure techniques. Participants benefit from observational learning, collaboration, and new opportunities for real-life exposure. All groups are conducted with a “no judgement” ethic to encourage honest dialogue and sharing.

Parent Coaching

Coaching, consultation and support groups to ensure parent success in their critical role for the recovery process. Depending on clinical need and circumstances, support is provided to the extended family (including siblings), which is often impacted by the sufferer's anxiety.

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Psychiatric Support

Comprehensive assessment and medication management with a holistic practitioner who intimately understands adolescent and young adult minds. Psychiatric insight – including optimization of prescription medication – is integrated into all aspects of treatment to provide the highest quality of care.

In-Home Consultation

An exclusive to the Anxiety Institute, this personal and intimate service takes place in your home to ensure privacy and reduce the stress of starting recovery -- for both the client and their family. Includes education, assessment, treatment planning, and intervention services.

Psychological Testing

Psychological Assessment is offered to better understand a person and their behaviors. Our testing and evaluation integrate findings from a clinical interview including validated measures to assess strengths and challenges across personality, cognition, behavior, and social functioning. This analysis helps recognize whether anxiety is a primary or secondary issue, identifies co-existing conditions, and rules out alternative disorders. The end result: insight and clarity for the client, and a framework for the practitioner to create a targeted and customize treatment plan.


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Taking on anxiety involves much more than just treating the individual. Our distinctive programs combine services that integrate all aspects of life to deliver the most effective and enduring recovery possible.

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