Therapy Dog

Bear is a 3-year-old, 10-pound ball of furry love. A Shih Tzu by birth, Bear started his volunteering journey at Lifetown/Friendship Circle, cuddling with adolescents with developmental delays. He discovered that volunteering was not just highly rewarding, but also filled with belly rubs. Bear loves coming to work and having a sense of purpose. Among other responsibilities, Bear’s duties include greeting everyone warmly when they walk through the door of Anxiety Institute and providing love and support to anyone who needs it (as long as they are willing to rub his belly).

In his free time, Bear enjoys long walks in warm weather, napping and chasing squirrels. In order to support his healthy lifestyle, Bear maintains a strict diet of favorite foods, such as cheese, peanut butter, and grape nuts while eschewing all vegetables. When he thinks no one is looking, Bear loves to hide his favorite toys in beds and pillows.

His Inspiration:

I am inspired by the power of unconditional love. I don’t judge, and I accept everyone where they are in their journey. I understand sometimes we need space and sometimes we need more attention. I strive daily to meet my belly rub quota and love everyone – big, small, furry, or not so furry.