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Emily Geiger, BA

Director of Business Operations

BA, Trinity University

Emily Geiger has over six years of experience in mentoring and aiding adolescents through the educational and emotional challenges of the teenage years. Emily worked as a group mediator at Criminal Restorative Youth Justice, an organization dedicated to keeping youth out of prison by providing restitution for perpetrators and their victims. Emily also worked as a teacher and consultant at Peninsula Bridge Youth Program facilitating access to educational and therapeutic services for low-income, predominantly English as a Second Language (ESL) students and their families. Emily is returning to the Anxiety Institute to rejoin the administrative team after being a member of the founding administrative team.

Emily received her Bachelor's Degree in Spanish at Trinity University hoping to pursue a master's in counseling and serve adolescents and families using her bilingual skills. Emily has a keen interest in integrative health, and the mind-body connection related to physical health and body esteem, as well as mood, and anxiety disorders.

Her Inspiration:

I attended a therapeutic boarding school after battling with depression in my early teens. This experience served as a catalyst for my keen interest with brain function as it relates to mental health challenges. I find fulfillment in inspiring teens who need similar help, hope, and inspiration.