2022 Clinical Outcomes Report

Treatment Outcomes

At Anxiety Institute, we believe that to achieve clinical progress, you must measure that progress – and that is why we are at the forefront of Measurement-Based Care (MBC).

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MBC replaces assumptions and guesswork by utilizing validated, data-driven decisions, and client-reported measures over the course of treatment.

MBC has been demonstrated to improve clinical outcomes, enhance treatment decision-making processes and increase client engagement in therapy. Despite these advantages, according to the Kennedy Forum, only 18% of psychiatrists and 11% of psychologists in the United States routinely administer symptom rating scales to patients to monitor improvement.

Anxiety Institute utilizes an independent, leading provider of measurement-based care (Mirah) to measure client status at regular intervals from the start of treatment through graduation. This information benchmarks the goals and objectives of the clients’ treatment plan and informs revisions to these plans, as needed. MBC eliminates guesswork and ensures progress toward your child’s goals. In the Intensive Day Program, we systematically measure symptom severity and impact, assess key measures of mental health outcomes and clinical processes, including quality of life, connectedness, hope, and expectations of treatment.

Clinical Outcomes Report

We are proud of our outcome data, awed by the hard work of our clients and inspired to bring evidenced-based care to the clients and families we serve.

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“My personal knowledge and experience of anxiety and fear, as a victim and as a conqueror, has gifted me the valuable asset of emotional intelligence. Knowledge and experience that will give me the empathy to connect with others and the grit to overcome adversity.”

Dr. Daniel Villiers

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