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Break freefrom the grip
of anxiety.

Advanced treatment that empowers adolescents & young adults to reach their full potential.Advanced treatment that empowers adolescents & young adults to reach their full potential.

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On-site, remote and in-home services that are:

“I finally have a therapist that gets me and has helped change how I look at my anxiety.”
Jessica S.
“A miracle…help that's tuned in to our child’s specific anxiety issues.”
Scott B.
“Unparalleled expertise that lets me refer with total confidence.”
Orla C.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Serving Greenwich CT, Madison NJ, and Surrounding Areas


Our Unique Treatment
for Anxiety.

From deep professional and personal experience, we’ve built an approach that combines highly customized, creative therapy with evidence-based protocols. The result: the most advanced treatment available to help adolescents and young adults free themselves from the grip of anxiety.

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Anxiety Disorders
Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Behaviors
Trauma and Stress-Related Disorders

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Our Formula
for Success.

Confronting anxiety in teens involves much more than just treating the individual. Our distinctive programs combine services that integrate all aspects of life to deliver the most effective and enduring recovery possible.

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Our Treatment Outcomes


Comprehensive Expertise.
Complete Care.

We offer an extensive range of services for all stages of the anxiety recovery process from individual therapy to intensive outplacement treatment.

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Individual Therapy
Group Therapy
Parent Collaborative
Psychiatric Support
In-Home Consultation
Psychological Testing

Why We’re

Anxiety Expertise
Our sole focus is treating clients with anxiety and related disorders using advanced, proven techniques informed by science and the most up-to-date research. Our team has specialized the training and experience to drive superior outcomes for our clients.

Exposure Focused CBT Model
Our highly trained clinical team utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as its core modality, incorporating second and third wave CBT treatments, including ERP, ACT and DBT skills. Unlike other programs, we don’t only teach coping skills, which can help mediate the problem short-term, but provides no long-term relief from anxiety. Instead, through daily exposure therapy, our clients gradually confront their fears, rewiring their brain over time.

Individual Attention
By design, half of the treatment sessions in our intensive outpatient program are conducted in individual sessions with our clients. This contrasts with typical intensive outpatient programs that predominantly offer group sessions for treatment.

Customized Treatment Plans
Our treatment plans are more customized than typical intensive programs due to the individual attention afforded the client and their family. Each treatment plan is unique, not dictated by standardized group curriculum which is typically at the core of other intensive programs.

Treatment in Your Local Home Environment
Our intensive outpatient treatment integrates the client’s local academic and social activities into their treatment plan facilitating a more rapid and successful reintegration into their lives.

Parent Partnership
We provide parents real-time coaching, support, and psychoeducation to facilitate and sustain recovery. Parents and clients learn new skills together, improving family dynamics and breaking the cycle of accommodation and avoidance.

Our Client Base
Due to our specialization, the typical client cohort has a similar profile – bright, good-natured, high functioning adolescents and young adults who rely on avoidance and procrastination as their coping strategies for fear and anxiety.

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