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Spotting the Signs: Is it Anxiety, ADHD, or Both?


This course was held on February 28, 2024


Daniel Villiers, PhD, Founder

Join Daniel Villiers, PhD for the second presentation in Spring Semester Parent Series, Anxiety Defined.

In this presentation, we will compare and contrast ADHD and anxiety and study how they may manifest in your children. We will teach parents to identify behaviors associated with these conditions. You will gain practical tips on how to support your child effectively and be a more informed and supportive parent.

Daniel Villiers, PhD


BA, Kenyon College // MEd, Kent State // MA, Dartmouth College // PhD in Counseling and School Psychology, Northeastern UniversityDr. Dan Villiers brings over twenty years of experience working with children, adolescents, young adults and families in a range of clinical and educational settings. In 2011, Dr. Dan co-founded Mountain Valley Treatment Center, the first non-hospital residential program for the treatment of adolescent anxiety in the United States. His successful intervention model, a compassionate approach to assess, educate, and motivate avoidant and resistant school-aged anxiety sufferers, has assisted more than 500 families in their pursuit of treatment.Dr. Dan has presented at universities and conferences across the country, authored numerous articles on child mental health, and appeared on radio and TV as a subject matter expert on adolescent anxiety.Experiences & Insight From Our FoundersRead more about Dan in Our Founders Stories

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