Meditation: Center and Orient Mindfulness

About This Meditation

Hi, this is Loy Anderson and I am a mental health counselor at the Anxiety Institute.

This will be 2-minute ground, center & orient mindfulness (GCO) practice by Intenta that functions by connecting to the earth through a grounding exercise, centering in the body with active breathing, and orienting in three-dimensional space using visual markers. If you are worried about the past or future, this can help you by focusing on the present.

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Mindfulness meditation is a training practice that teaches you to slow down your thoughts, let go of negativity, and calm both your mind and body. Mindfulness meditation involves a breathing practice and an awareness of body and mind. By moving your thoughts into the present state of mind without judging in any way, you will relax, build acceptance and cope with uncomfortable emotions. This can decrease your anxiety.

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About the Author

Loy Anderson, MS

Staff Clinician

Loy has extensive experience with group therapy and is a certified hypnotherapist. Loy has also served for several years on the Board of Directors for the non-profit Hanley Foundation, which focuses on the treatment and prevention of substance abuse in schools and communities.

“My personal knowledge and experience of anxiety and fear, as a victim and as a conqueror, has gifted me the valuable asset of emotional intelligence. Knowledge and experience that will give me the empathy to connect with others and the grit to overcome adversity.”

Dr. Daniel Villiers

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