New Canaan, Connecticut

The Town of New Canaan is a proud member of Fairfield County and is commonly cited as one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. New Canaan is considered a part of Connecticut’s Gold Coast region, and provides easy access to Manhattan, along with the rest of New York City.

Due to New Canaan’s proximal positioning and strong school system, the town continues to attract all sorts of ambitious professionals and growing families. Believe it or not, the local population has expanded to include more than 20,000 residents! As the local population continues to grow, and our days get busier and more demanding, the need for reliable anxiety treatment is greater than ever.

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The Anxiety and Depression Association of America claims that anxiety affects more than 40 million adults in the United States on an annual basis. As you can imagine, more and more residents throughout Connecticut’s Gold Coast seek relief each year. The Anxiety Institute specializes in the treatment of many stress-related disorders in adolescents. Being a teenager is stressful enough, but with the added pressures of social media and the effects it can half on teens, as well as the ever-increasing expectations set on our youth, it is important that they have a place where they can get help sorting it all out.

The certified specialists at the Anxiety Institute offer treatment options for OCD, trauma-related disorders including PTSD, and much more. Set off on the path toward mental health with the assistance of our compassionate professionals. If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment, give us a call today.