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Short Hills, New Jersey

The Short Hills community is a proud member of Essex County and is situated within the northeastern portion of New Jersey. Many Short Hills residents commute to New York City on a daily basis to make a living.

Residents throughout Short Hills place great emphasis on family and take great pride in their strong school system. In fact, of the more than 4,100 households set throughout the town, over 54% feature children under the age of 18. Roughly 35% of children between the ages of 13 and 18 are affected by anxiety and stress-related disorders. Without the proper form of treatment, these teens may perform poorly in school, avoid formative social experiences, and experiment in substance abuse.

The Region’s Trusted Source for OCD & Anxiety Treatment

The certified staff members at the Anxiety Institute are fully equipped to treat anxiety and other stress-related disorders in teens. We take a comprehensive approach to anxiety treatment and offer specially designed parent support programs, intensive day programs, remote coaching and more. Not only do we assist local teens with OCD treatment and trauma therapy, but we provide their family members with a blueprint to encourage proper coping and ongoing support through our continuing recovery program. We specialize in helping adolescents navigate through anxiety treatment. Each client has a program that is tailored specifically to them.

Be sure to contact one of our friendly representatives if you’re interested in learning more about our treatment options. We're here for you.