Seasonal Transition in the COVID Context


This course was held on May 25, 2021


Natasha Silverbell, CARC, OASAS, CCAR and Maks Ezrin, Founder, Family/Parent Coach

This workshop is geared toward the uncharted territory of teenage reintegration into society post COVID-19. More specifically, how it relates to adolescent substance use and mental health.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how COVID has impacted our ability to reintegrate into society
  • Identify different things we can expect to happen with reintegration
  • Pinpoint anticipatory actions that clinicians and families can take to aid in a mindful and healthy integration back into society.

Natasha Silverbell, CARC, OASAS, CCAR and Maks Ezrin

Founder, Family/Parent Coach

Natasha Silverbell, CARC, OASAS, CCAR and Maks Ezrin

Natasha Silverbell is a certified CARC, OASAS, CCAR, Recovery Coach and Recovery Coach Trainer based in New York, London, and Los Angeles. With her namesake Silver Bell Coaching, Natasha creates customized recovery programs, overseeing a dynamic team of more than 150 coaches and professionals. Natasha is active with the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, and is an advocate for addiction recovery groups that are focused on drug and alcohol education and prevention for parents. She also has three teenagers in the New York City private school system.

Maks Ezrin, Co-Founder, Youth Mentor
Maks Ezrin is an Upper East Side native who attended the Dalton School from K-12 and graduated from the George Washington University. Maks began experimenting with drugs and alcohol in his teen years and his substance dependence worsened during college, eventually leading to a near fatal overdose in his early 20s. Sober since 2016 and granted a second chance at life, Maks channels his sobriety into helping run our mentorship programs and working one-on-one with bright young adults to guide them successfully and safely through their teen years. Maks is a Recovery Coach certified through CARC and CCAR.

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