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Exclusively treating anxiety and OCD for youth and young adults in Westport CT, Anxiety Institute offers more than just temporary relief; we offer lasting solutions. Our methodology is science-based and executed by a skilled clinical team trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). By incorporating daily Exposure Therapy, we help clients confront fears and rewire their neural circuits to mitigate anxiety

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Anxiety Institute

75 Holly Hill Lane, Suite 300
Greenwich, CT 06830

Approximately 23 min (17.8 mi) via I-95 S from Westport, CT

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About Anxiety Institute

Conveniently located off of I-95 and Putnam Avenue, our office at 75 Holly Hill Lane hosts convenient parking and proximity to retail locations including downtown Greenwich.

Our Programs

Intensive Day Program
From Struggle to Strength: Our day program confronts OCD, anxiety, and related disorders head-on for youth ages 13-25.

With a tailored approach, we blend daily CBT sessions, applied behavioral coaching, and group therapies. Dive into wellness activities that boost mental and physical health. Parental involvement is key – we nurture family ties through psychoeducation and parent coaching for lasting change.

Our concentrated intensive outpatient program occurs Monday through Friday, over a 6-12 week time frame, depending on severity of symptoms. Each day consists of four hours of targeted individual and group work.

Individual Therapy
Our compassionate clinicians provide individualized therapy sessions to address anxiety and OCD symptoms.

Utilizing proven methods such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), we customize treatment plans supplemented by innovative technologies like bio-feedback, virtual reality, EMDR therapy, and Cognitive Processing therapy as part of a comprehensive treatment strategy.

Parent Coaching Services
Anxiety Institute offers more than support; we provide parents with real-world tools to help their anxious children become independent and resilient.

We guide parents to minimize accommodation tactics, and instead utilize constructive methods that promote incremental changes and lasting recovery. Inspired by the Yale Child Study Center’s SPACE treatment model, our services are specifically tailored to meet your family’s needs.

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Staff Highlight

Kimberly Martin, MSW, LCSW
Clinical Supervisor

Greenwich, CT

Kim Martin joins Anxiety Institute from the Yale University School of Medicine-Cedarhurst School where she provided direct clinical services in a therapeutic educational setting serving middle through post-high school students. In this position, Kim collaborated extensively with school districts across the state, developing IEPs and providing crisis intervention work. Kim also worked as a Clinician with Family & Children’s Aid of Bridgeport, CT, where she engaged in intensive child and adolescent psychiatric services, including conducting intake and assessments, developing and implementing treatment plans, as well as targeting client-specific behaviors. Kim also worked as a school social worker fostering close ties with the community. These connections will be invaluable in facilitating smooth transitions of the clients back into daily academic and social routines.

With more than a decade of experience working with youth and their families, Kim has witnessed the importance of clients developing their own vocabulary and language to articulate their experiences more clearly to themselves, to their family and for purposes of self-advocacy. This insight empowers clients to be an active participant and champion in their own recovery.

From the Team in Greenwich, CT...

“We came to Anxiety institute once a week for the parent support group. One of the most refreshing things was to hear so many other parents going through the same thing we went through. Our kids are all different, yet we all share this common bond of having a child that you want to help, and you didn’t know how. And coming to Anxiety Institute, for the first time we saw we can help our child and we can learn to help ourselves.”

Parent of Anxiety Institute Teen

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About Westport, CT

Westport, CT

Westport, CT is a captivating coastal town nestled in Fairfield County, approximately 52 miles northeast of New York City.

The town is celebrated for its cultural vibrancy, luxurious waterfront properties, and its connection to notable residents like playwrights, actors, and authors. Westport’s Main Street and surrounding areas are adorned with high-end shops, eclectic cafes, and the renowned Westport Country Playhouse. In terms of education, Westport offers top-tier public schools and is conveniently located near esteemed institutions such as Yale and Fairfield University.

The demographic composition of Westport leans towards prosperity, consisting of professionals who make the daily commute to Manhattan, growing families drawn by its educational reputation, and long-term inhabitants who cherish the town’s tranquil coastal appeal. Westport actively encourages community well-being, hosting dialogues on various societal issues and providing multiple outreach programs and services.

Promoting strong community bonds and superior living standards, Westport is replete with family-friendly events and opportunities. Understanding the significance of overall wellness, the town is proactive in supporting the mental health of both its elder population and youth, ensuring accessible resources and assistance are at hand.