Devin Norkowski, BA

Director of Admissions, Client Operations

BA, Western Connecticut State University

Devin Norkowski has been with Anxiety Institute since its incipience. Her deep knowledge of the workings of Anxiety Institute, combined with her training in intervention, has been of infinite value when introducing families to Anxiety Institute.  Devin has pursued her passion for mental health care by graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and is currently completing her training as a Certified Intervention Specialist. Her understanding of the holistic approach of treatment allows Devin to realize that the child and parents are not just clients, but families wanting and needing guidance and support.

Devin has worked from the ground up to truly understand the connection between behaviors and diagnosis. Her knowledge of the evidence-based therapeutic processes Anxiety Institute employs, along with her ability to educate families on different types of therapies, constitute an expert Admissions experience.

Her Inspiration:

Through my own trials with generalized anxiety, I found my passion was to assist adolescents and young adults in their own journey towards recovery. I find joy and fulfillment through my work with clients and families in various phases of their treatment, helping them discover awareness, peace, development and change.