Devin Norkowski, B.A.

Director of Client Operations

B.A., Western Connecticut State University

Devin joins us from Chamberlain University where she coordinated clinical partners in magnet hospitals, long-term care facilities, educational institutions, clinics, prisons, and community-based centers. Devin pursued her passion in mental health and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She worked from the ground-up to truly understand the mind and body connection with her experience in fitness, yoga, nutrition, meditation, managing chronic illnesses, and the art of holistic healing. Devin’s background and interests motivated her to work towards her master’s degree in Public Health.

Her Inspiration:

Devin struggled with hyperactivity and associated anxiety as a child. Through trial and error, it was discovered that she was unable to metabolize medication through her liver. While this was terrifying for her parents, these struggles shaped Devin’s life, challenging her to find freedom through the power of mindfulness.  She finds joy and fulfillment by serving others who are currently on their own journey to awareness, peace, development, and change.